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                                                                                                      Dan, Jess, Ayrial, Seanna by SofiaERamirez

Two nights ago, a dear friend of mine was murdered
by 5 wanna-be gangbangers (aged 16-19) that surrounded his car and shot him to death to steal an ounce of weed, his phone and his tablet.

This friend, named Dan Smith, was my fiancé’s best friend of 23 years, the husband of my best friend, the father of my God Daughters (aged 3 and 18 months), and pretty much one of the most laid back people I know.

Dan was a very sweet, very outgoing guy and he liked to joke around and make people laugh. He was protective of his family and would never let anyone hurt them. He had an appreciation for music and a recently discovered love for photography. He was a human being and despite the fact he’d made a few mistakes in his rebellious days, he did not deserve this at all; He did not deserve to have his life cut brutally short. He did not deserve being robbed, not only of simple possessions, but of all the chances to make memories in his family’s lives.. Nor did his family deserve to be robbed of the chances to make memories with him. This was a ridiculous tragedy at the hands of the “Give Me/Now” generation because a couple of punks were too lazy to go make an honest living and wanted the instant gratification of not having to. Yes, some of them are caught and they’ll likely find the other two… but locking them away in cushy cells won’t really ease the pain of losing him… not to his family, not to his friends. An example needs to be made of these young people. I’d call them young men, but a real man (even a youngin) would have put effort into affording his own lifestyle instead of killing a man over simple pleasures.

Saying this, we’ve been presented with the troubles of financing Dan’s funeral arrangements. Now I know most of you don’t know me, Dan or the family of which I speak, but please: Look into your hearts. Put yourself in our shoes for just a moment and ask yourself if you’d want someone to help you during such tragic times… If you feel any sympathy, empathy or wish you could help ease the pain of a suffering family… please consider donating even just $5 to the fund site linked in this post because every little bit helps.

The goal we’re trying to reach is $3,000 (We currently have $610 raised) and should cover the cost of the wake/funeral services, Dan’s cremation, and memorial pendants for Jessica and her two daughters so they can remember and honor him as the loving husband and father that he was.

For anyone considering donation: Thank you, so much for your thoughts and generosity. It really means so much to us…
For anyone who even considers reblogging this link but can’t donate: Thank you.. your reblog could reach the hundreds of thousands of people who use social media sites every day, reaching people who are perhaps in a more stable financial situation and are able to make even small donations and your help reaching them is very much appreciated.


Since people can pretty much throw any story they want on the internet and there are always skeptics, I’m providing you with links to the news coverage of the investigation of my friend’s death.……………

PLEASE NOTE Marijuana is legal (recreationally and medicinally) in Washington State, where this tragedy occurred. Just because a person smokes weed doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or a bad parent, so if you comment, please don’t speak ill of the dead.


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Sofia E. Ramirez
United States
Absolutely NONE of my photos are allowed to be downloaded, manipulated, or used in any way, shape or form unless otherwise arranged or noted in the artist's comments of my photos. I do give permissions to those who ask...those who don't are reported as art thieves. I'm tired of seeing my photos (mediocre as they are) on personal blogs, on websites in which the image is available for sale, manipulated without permission, and on social networking sites other than my own.
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